What to do in Kalajoki when the expected summer vacation, autumn vacation or skiing vacation is approaching? There is no shortage of options!

Many activities take place in seascapes and in the arms of nature, which are the main beauty of Kalajoki. In Kalajoki, everything is possible, from relaxing on the beach to surfing, sailing and enjoying a restaurant or night in bar or pub.

For an active holiday

Kalajoki leaves no-one bored. The action seekers choose the Adventure Park Pakka, that for example has the longest cable slide in Finland, which hangs over the sandy beach. It takes you on a journey of more than 300 meters at a height of 32.5 meters. And if your nerves and stomach are strong enough, you should try the free fall from the X-Tower.

Adventure Park Pakka's thrills continue in the forest. There you can go up in the trees on ropeways which hang on pine trees, from the heights of which a wonderful seascape opens up.

The 18-lane Adventure Golf course for the whole family can be found inside JukuPark water park. In the beach and pine landscapes, you can also play Frisbee golf, and get an extra boost for your vacation at the go-karting track of the popular Safaritalo. Or have you fallen in love with padel? The padel court for rent is located right in the heart of the sandbanks.

To the children's holiday wildlife

Located on Kalajoki, SuperPark keeps children and young people moving indoors and outdoors. Skate and scooter areas, foam pool and trampolines, Game Arena... guaranteed lots of ways to have fun! In the Safari traffic park, on the other hand, the secrets of traffic rules are learned.

You can get into the water frenzy at the legendary JukuPark water park, where you can find 16 water slides, a large water play world and other amusements. The SaniFani spa, right in the tourist area of Hiekkasärkkä, also offers a setting for bathing and sauna. For smaller ferocious thrill seekers, there is a traffic park and a mini train at Safaritalo, where there is also a wild Karting track for bigger thrill seekers and adults as well, which offers tight turns and a lot of fun.

The charming huskies are also on the minds of many children. In winter, Kalajoki organizes husky safaris and in summer camps for children, where you get to know the everyday life of Siberian huskies and get to pet these charming dogs.

Relaxing kalajoki on the sea

When the sea is open, the traditional ship Kaljaasi Ansio takes you on the trip. During sailing, you can enjoy a delicious fish meal while the fresh sea breeze soothes your mind.

In the summer, lounging on the warm sand doesn't require anything else to relax. The famous sand dunes are formed by a 3.5 km long area of dunes and beaches, the highest dunes of which are up to 20 m high. Take a walk along the shoreline, take a dip in the refreshing sea or take a little evening swim. You can finish the day with a delicious drink and food at Beach Bar Surffari.

The old wooden towns of Raahe and Kokkola, which are less than an hour away, also offer peaceful excursions. Take the car and go to the idyll of the wooden house areas with centuries of sailing and ship building history.

Did you also know that Kalajoki has Finland's only self-governing region, an island called Maakalla? There is held an annual Karikokous, a convention among the local land owners, which decides on the island's affairs. You can get to the island by boat from the port of Keskuskari.

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