Kuukkeli are known for their opportunistic feeding habits and have a varied diet that includes insects, larvae and seeds.


Ruka is winter at its best. Those who love the autumn colors will find a dazzling palette of natural colors in Ruka, and even summer will not be second to the other seasons, when the greenery of Kuusamo takes over the slopes.

So, there is no time when it is not worth taking a vacation to Ruka!


You find a real winter from the coordinates of Kuusamo. Everyone who is excited about alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and white landscapes heads to the ski resort Rukatunturi, where there are plenty of slopes and trails. Snow as far as the eye can see and versatile activities make Ruka the place for a real skiing holiday.

The wonders of winter Ruka are also the aurora borealis, known for the color dance of the night sky, and the fascinating kaamos time meaning the period when the sun doesn´c come above the horizon. Although the actual kaamos does not quite reach the Kuusamo area, the sun is so low that there is hardly any light time but magical blueish atmosphere.

And the Christmas break! In Ruka you are surely experiencing it white since the snow is a certainty here. The region isn't sleepy even during holidays since many head to Kuusamo for an easy and safe Christmas. You can sit at a prepared restaurant table or spend an idyllic Christmas in the warmth of a rented cabin. From Christmas, the party conveniently continues until the New Year's party.


Lapland's summer can be seen in Ruka's nature as green landscapes. You can experience the peace of the grassy slopes by walking in the forest and on nature trails, and hear and feel the roaring rapids of Kitkajoki while rafting. Summer is warm and long in Ruka since the sun doesn´t sleep at all.

Part of the charm of the north is the nightless night that stretches from mid to late June. Then the midnight sun will not disappear from the horizon. For this and many other reasons, Ruka is today an increasingly popular summer vacation destination! Then the travel is a little calmer than during the busy winter season.


The fall of the North invites the autumn vacationer to get to know the fells and nature colored by the cooling weather. The whole splendor can best be seen in the Kuusamo area from the top of Ruka and Riisitunturi or in the Oulanka National Park.

Riverbanks and lakes are also great places to experience the wonders of autumn. You can make the trip by bike or try a kayaking trip. Independent hiking is the best for those who want peace and quiet.

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