Located in northern Finland, in the heart of Kainuu, Ukkohalla is a versatile ski center and holiday destination that attracts both families and adventurous groups of friends to spend unforgettable holidays. Ukkohalla's snowy slopes, versatile ski slopes and cozy cabins offer the perfect setting for both a winter skiing holiday and a relaxing weekend trip.

High-quality skiing slopes, snowboarding opportunities, dog sled rides and snowshoeing routes make Ukkohalla a winter holiday destination where everyone can find something to do that suits them. During the summer, Ukkohalla turns into a nature-friendly adventure center where you can experience hiking, kayaking and mountain biking in the wonderful scenery of Kainuu.

Ukkohalla's sauna world, which includes lake and smoke saunas, offers an opportunity to get to know Finnish sauna culture at its most authentic. Relaxing pools and invigorating open swimming offer experiences that will be remembered for a long time.

When autumn arrives, bringing with it the colors of autumn, Ukkohalla offers a wonderful setting for movement and relaxation in nature. An adventure in Ukkohalla is the perfect way to enjoy Finnish nature all year round.

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Book accommodation in Ukkohalla with us. Human-sized, in the embrace of nature and suitably out of the way. Experience the humming silence and peace of Kainuu.

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What Ukkohalla has to offer for vacationers

In autumn in Lapland and elsewhere in Northern Finland, reindeer are typically fed and prepared for the upcoming reindeer herding. Reindeer mustering, also known as reindeer herding, involves the collection and management of reindeer herds by their owners.

The autumn feeding period is important for reindeer, as it helps them accumulate their fat reserves before the harsh winter months. During this time, reindeer usually have access to natural grazing areas such as meadows and forests, as well as supplementary feed such as hay, grain and mineral supplements. This helps ensure that they are healthy and strong enough to withstand the cold temperatures and lack of food during the winter.

When the feeding period is over, the reindeer rounds begin. During the collections, the reindeer are collected and sorted according to their owners, and some can be sold or sent to be slaughtered. Roundups are an important part of the traditional Sami culture and way of life, and are still practiced by many reindeer herders in Lapland and other northern regions.


Let Ukkohalla surprise you. Calm down and relax, or get active and move. Anything from hiking to speeding at a racetrack, wakeboarding to ice fishing.

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Ukkohalla in different seasons

Hyrynsalmi is more than Ukkohalla. Here you are in Finland's southernmost reindeer herding area in the middle of clear-water forest lakes and hill tops and valleys.

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There is no dense network of public transport traffic Kainuu, so if you don't have your own car, route planning is worthwhile.

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