Walking along the boardwalks of Kalajoki's sandbanks offers a unique experience, providing stunning views of the surrounding nature, the Gulf of Bothnia, and the beautiful sandy beaches. As visitors stroll along the well-maintained wooden paths, they can explore the diverse flora and fauna of the area, including the unique coastal vegetation and bird species.

Kalajoki has many different seasons

kalajoki, beautified by summer, tinged by autumn and overrun by winter, works for vacationers in all seasons! whether you go on a trip in the heat or during freezing temperatures, kalajoki is an excellent travel destination for both families and friends.

Get a real winter holiday here

At the Bay of Bothnia holiday town of Kalajoki, winter can be felt and seen at its wildest and genuine. The dunes get a white blanket over them and the sea freezes into the far distance so you can´t see the edge of the ice cover. Take a fresh beach walk or get a feel for the sea with winter windsurfing or snowmobiling. Husky safari gives you a great sleigh riding experience.

Kalajoki also has 40 km of ski tracks, most of which are illuminated, as well as a forest that has gone into hibernation, where you can hike with snowshoes. You can get warmth in the cold and new energy from your own food, so pack a thermos and sausages for campfire roasting in provided campfire huts.

You can also experience the magic of the northern lights at Kalajoki! Read more about what to do in Kalajoki ›

Summer in kalajoki is finland´s pearls

Kalajoki's summer is full of smiles and ice cream, cooling drinks and wonderful sunsets! The best memories of the summer vacation are experienced in Kalajoki.

The charming sandy beach with dunes, where you measure up to 3.5 km, is one of the most pleasant experiences of the summer. The sun-heated sand makes it wonderful to go swimming, kitesurfing or snorkeling. In terms of capacity, Finland's largest Surf Center has equipment and guidance for a wide variety of activities. Sea view restaurants and after beach complete this perfect summer combo.

Those who come to the Midsummer festival experience not only the magnificence of the area but also the best artists during the two-day festivities. After Juhannus, you can go home with a new experience richer.

And when the end of August comes, let's celebrate the Venetians. At that time, the bursting fireworks and carnival spectacles are set off, we say goodbye to the past summer and slowly welcome autumn.

Colorful autumn offers great nature vacation


For autumn vacation in Kalajoki? It´s time to pack your bags! That's when nature takes on vibrant color and a refreshing crispness settles in the air.

Fall time in Kalajoki is worth taking in on the Siiponjoki nature trail. There are wonderful crosscountry biking and hiking trails with campfire huts in the area. Fishing trips in the archipelago, a peaceful kayaking trip, the Rahja archipelago, and the unique sea igloo of Lokkilinna are the best of the sea urchin.

Dark evenings are the perfect time for exciting experiences. At dusk, the bravest go on a dark adventure organized by Adventure Park Pakka, where the tracks of the park are traversed by the light of headlamps.

At the end of the days, your own rental cabin or holiday apartment brings peace. Remember that you always rent accommodation from us easily and safely. Book now ›

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