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Kalajoki's hot sandbanks, charming scenic restaurants, winter safaris and adventure and water parks meet the wishes of every vacationer.

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Are you already familiar with the magic of Ruka-Kuusamo? The area enchants the vacationer, whether you're going down the slopes, sledding down the hill, or hopping aboard huskies and reindeer.

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Southern Finland's most coveted ski center is for the vacationer! Enjoy the hiking, ride into wilderness on mountain bike, take an ATV safari, experience beautiful country of thousands of lakes and collect festival memories of Himos Juhannus mid summer party.

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Suomutunturi offers the peace of the slopes of the Arctic Circle: skiing, relaxing nature walks in Kemijärvi and the time of summer when night does not fall over Lapland.

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Kainuu is a stage for nature tourists and Hyrynsalmi´s Ukkohalla is a versatile tourism oasis in the area.

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Varaamokki.com is a website that offers a platform for renting traditional Finnish cottages, also known as

Flexible and secure booking

Most of our cabin and apartment reservations include a 14-day free cancellation option. Check out the booking conditions. Our payment system is based on Adyen International B.V., one of Europe’s largest payment service companies, which is used by also comapnies such as Spotify and McDonald’s.

Varaamokki.com is a website that offers a platform for renting traditional Finnish cottages, also known as

Domestic and responsible broker

We cherish domesticity and local entrepreneurship. We broker holiday properties owned by domestic owners, whose cleaning and other services are provided by a local operator. We also aim for environmental well-being and sustainable tourism.

Finland has four great seasons.

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We make renting a cabin ridiculously easy

The Rahja Archipelago is a scenic archipelago in the Gulf of Pohjan, the specialty of which is the shallowing of the water depth due to land uplift and the land connection to the islands that is quietly forming. The waters of the archipelago are rough but rich in fish.

Vacationer of the cabin

Uncomplicated cabin rental is the best start to your vacation! There are plenty of options, whether you come with a small or a large group. Beloved pets are also welcome in many of our accommodations.

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A man does cleaning and maintenance in his cabin. The everyday life of a cottage owner includes constant maintenance. If it's a rental cabin, the cabin must be checked or cleaned even after the tenants.

Owner of the cabin

Don't let your cabin stand empty, make it productive. We manage the rental on a turnkey basis, flexibly and listening to your wishes. Ask us for a free return estimate and an offer for the brokerage of your cabin or vacation home.

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Factory work can be hard, but modern work tools, air conditioning, taking care of occupational safety and worker's rights have made factory work easier.

Companies and associations

The cabins and apartments we rent on behalf of the private owner´s are ideal for long-term accommodation for company employees. We also take to rent properties owned by companies and associations.

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