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Information For Vacationers

Have a great start to your vacation

It is important to us that your vacation starts in a comfortable and safe atmosphere. Every one of our properties is cleaned by a professional before the vacationer's arrival. Disinfection of contact surfaces is also taken care of.

If you wish, you can order final cleaning for a separate fee, but in some locations cleaning may be included in the rent. If you can do the final cleaning at the destination yourself, a professional will check the premises afterwards.

Please note that if the cleaning instructions for the cabin or apartment have been neglected, the final cleaning will have to be charged afterwards.

To be noted:

  • In Kalajoki's Sandy Kelt, Irish House apartments, final cleaning is always included in the price! The rent also includes towels and bed sheets.
  • In Ruka, final cleaning is automatically included in the weekly rent (at least 7 days)
  • At Himos, final cleaning is generally always included in the rental price.
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You can bring your own sheets and towels with you or order them ready for the destination during the booking phase. In some of the cabins and holiday apartments we provide, bed linen and towels are always ready.

The use of bed linen and towels is always mandatory in the destinations, look at our booking conditions.

The sight of a Basenji and a Siberian Husky jogging in the forest might be quite a picture. Both breeds are quite athletic, but they come from very different backgrounds.

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No holiday without a pet! That's why furry family members can also stay in many of the cabins and apartments we provide. The fee for a maximum of two pets is a total of 35 euros, for the entire vacation.

Please follow the instructions and rules regarding pets. If you do not inform us about your pet during the booking phase or if pets have been kept in an accommodation where they are not allowed, we will charge the full fee for thorough additional cleaning according to the price list. As a renter, you are also responsible for any damage your guest's pet may cause to fixed structures and movable property.

Remember to always collect pet waste from the cabin plot or near the apartment!


If the cabin you rent has a hot tub or jacuzzi, there is often a separate fee for its use. Please always follow the instructions for safe and hygienic bathing.

If you dreamed of a separately ordered pool or an outdoor pool in the yard, this is prohibited in several destinations. The ban is due to the additional costs incurred by the property owner, risk avoidance and possible disturbances to other vacationers nearby. Fortunately, many resorts have wonderful spas to relax in!


If you own an electric or plug-in car, please note that charging requires the permission of the cabin / apartment owner. There can be a separate charge for charging the car.

If charging is prohibited in the property you are renting, the reason is usually the technical implementation of the property or the restrictions it brings. If the instructions are neglected by the tenant or his guests, the tenant is fully responsible for the damages.


Our activities aim at more responsible cabin holidays! We care about the environment and aim for sustainable tourism. Get to know our values.

We encourage cabin owners to offer vacationers the best opportunities for recycling. There are differences in locality-specific recycling opportunities. If your vacation destination has a recycling facility, please join the effort for a more sustainable and cleaner vacation!


We broker holiday destinations of private owners, some of which are also used by their owners themselves. The cabins therefore contain personal property. During your vacation, live as if in your own home and take care of the owner's property as if it were your own.

Familiarize yourself with the rules of the property you are renting and notice that as a tenant you are also responsible for damages caused by your guests.

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