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In the fall, reindeer in Lapland and other parts of northern Finland are typically fed and prepared for the upcoming reindeer roundups. Reindeer roundups, also known as reindeer herding, involve the collection and management of reindeer herds by their owners.

The fall feeding period is important for the reindeer, as it helps them build up their fat reserves before the harsh winter months. During this time, the reindeer are usually given access to natural grazing areas, such as grassy meadows and forests, as well as supplementary feed such as hay, grains, and mineral supplements. This helps ensure that they are healthy and strong enough to withstand the cold temperatures and lack of food in the winter.

Once the feeding period is over, the reindeer roundups begin. During the roundups, the reindeer are gathered and sorted according to their owners, and some may be sold or sent to slaughter. The roundups are an important part of the traditional Sami culture and way of life, and are still practiced by many reindeer herders in Lapland and other northern regions of Finland.


Kemijärvi is beautiful from summer to autumn and winter. The seasons change the scenery, which means that new Suomu experiences always open for vacationers as well.


Suomu, located in the Arctic Circle, gets plenty of snow, so you don't have to worry about a snowless holiday! Suomu's sheltered skiing slopes are suitable for everyone from children to adults, including advanced skiers, and even international alpine skiers train on the slopes here.

Kemijärvi, beautified by the snowy dunes, can be explored on snowshoes, on a cross-country horseback ride or at the wheel of a snowmobile. Did you know that Suomu is part of the international White Sea snowmobile route?

At Suomutunturi you can also hop on a reindeer sledge and enjoy the scenery comfortably under a blanket.


A summer and autumn vacation at Suomutunturi also means being in nature. Suomu has more than 50 km of cycling and water trails and 30 km of hiking trails.

The numerous islands and sheltered bays of Lake Kemijärvi, located on the side of the hill, open to the vacationer from a kayaking trip. The sandy beaches and clear lake water invite you to take a dip and swim. And the nightless night, the midnight sun, makes you watch as the light takes over the fell!

In autumn and summer in Suomu, you can relax by hiking, for example, all the way to the top of the fell. Or maybe you prefer to ride a bike or jump on a horse? In autumn, hunting trips are organized by Suomu Hunting Experience.

Winter vacation, summer vacation or autumn vacation, extended weekend, however you want to vacation in Suomutunturi, we offer great accommodation options from cabins to apartments. Book now ›


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