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Owner of the cabin - we really care about our customers

When you make a contract with us for the brokerage of your cabin or vacation home, we always do more than our competitors, so that you get the best return, the latest digital channels at your disposal and, through customer satisfaction, new loyal customers and recommendations.

We are an equal and non-committal broker of holiday homes - learn more about us here. All customers and their destinations are equally important to us!

Read more about how you can succeed with us, and make an appointment for a free meeting here!


We will be happy to arrange a meeting with you at your cabin or apartment, where we will go over the issues relevant to renting together. We always communicate and act openly, honestly and as clearly as possible. This is the starting point for long-term, good cooperation! The meeting does not bind you to anything.


Good pictures are interesting and are an essential part of making a rental decision! In most cases, inaccurate or otherwise poorly described objects are not easily rented.

With us, you don't have to settle for poor image quality. When you rent a cottage or apartment to us, we take pictures of it that correspond to international standards, as well as 3D pictures that enable a virtual presentation of the object. Depending on the destination, we can add e.g. drone shots and destination videos.

We have more than 20 years of experience in apartment photography! With a versatile presentation and high-quality images, you will definitely get value for your investment.


Cleanliness and tidiness are our core values and our customer promise.

We work closely with cleaning, maintenance and service professionals. We have created precise detailed concepts for inspections, cleaning and maintenance of rental properties.

You will hear more about these in our personal meeting - so let's make an appointment! is a Finnish online marketplace for renting cabins, cottages, and other vacation homes. The website provides an easy way for property owners to list their rental properties and for renters to browse and book available rentals. To manage bookings, uses a booking software that allows property owners to track reservations, manage availability calendars, and accept payments securely online. The software also includes features such as automated emails to renters, a messaging system for communication with renters, and the ability to generate invoices and receipts. Overall, the booking software is designed to streamline the vacation rental booking process and make it easier for both property owners and renters to manage their transactions.


As a cabin or apartment owner, you have direct access to our reservation system. There you can manage the reservation calendar of your own cabin or holiday apartment, make your own reservations and view incoming and outgoing reservations.


We target our marketing especially to 30+ year old’s, families with children and couples.

In marketing, we primarily use digital and social media channels, where with the help of high-quality images and stories, we focus on creating positive images and evoking warm feelings about domestic cottage holidays.

We don't promise anything we can't deliver.

Vacationer of the cabin

Uncomplicated cabin rental is the best start to your vacation! There are plenty of options, whether you come with a small or a large group. Beloved pets are also welcome in many of our accommodations.

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Owner of the cabin

Don't let your cabin stand empty, make it productive. We manage the rental on a turnkey basis, flexibly and listening to your wishes. Ask us for a free return estimate and an offer for the brokerage of your cabin or vacation home.

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Companies and associations

The cabins and apartments we rent on behalf of the private owner´s are ideal for long-term accommodation for company employees. We also take to rent properties owned by companies and associations.

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