Experience the beautiful spectrum of seasons in Finland. If you want to travel to Lapland at any time, you can get unique experiences from Suomu. In the nature of the Arctic Circle, you can find things to do that will pamper your mind and body, and you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere on vacation.


What to do in Finland? The slopes and terrains of Suomu are ready to welcome downhill and cross-country skiers and those who enjoy the adventures of snowmobile safaris. In Finland, it snows a lot in winter, so here the wish for a snowy holiday comes true.

For winter and summer tourism, Suomutunturi has tens of kilometers of waterways and hiking trails. Let the feeling of speed captivate you on mountain bike or hike to the top of the fell for the wonderful views. Or maybe you have arrived in Lapland at the time of the hunt. Hunting and hunting trips are organized in the area for those who are interested in them.


The smells of the wilderness and the sounds of nature are moments of rest for a well-deserved vacation. Take a dip in the clear water lake in the summer and experience the silence of the mirror-calm Kemijärvi Lake by paddling.

Crunching sound of freeze under snowshoes is welcomed music to the ears. Find a shed, sit down by the campfire, and enjoy a hot drink and packed lunch - that's all the mind and body need to rest and recharge the batteries. At Suomutunturi you can also see the most amazing colors as the northern lights dance in the night sky!

Lapland's local food and other delicacies contribute to a perfect holiday. Sit at a prepared table in front of the impressive views of the slopes or spend a wonderful evening in the warmth of an idyllic holiday cabin.

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